Moisture on your Asphalt Courts

A well designed court will not have trees locates too close to it. They present a number of maintenance problems. The most visible are the dropping of leaves, sap, twigs, bark and now and then branches. Sometimes elimination of the problem requires significant branch cutting. If this is not done regularly, removal of the debris will be required.

One of the most irritating problems is sap. It falls and sticks to the surface. It is not water soluble and therefore just stays on the surface and builds up.

Leaves will affect the court surface as well as they become wet and then bleach out with a hot sunny day. Some of the leaf stains will bleach and leave a dulled mark on the surface itself. The constant wet surface under the leaves can lead to bubbles and blisters.

Another moisture problem, which comes from under the asphalt itself. Blisters or bubbles are common problems. This usually is a result of improper court construction or malfunction of the drainage system. When the sub-surface water becomes excessive and it’s not properly drained away from the court it can breathe through the asphalt  in vapor form and create hydrostatic pressure under the coatings. This pressure build more in a weaker surface area and creates a blister or bubble of the coating.

blisters on tc bubbles on tc bubbles

          Blisters                             Small Bubbles                    Large Bubbles

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